Replica Rolex Day-Date watches

This year is 2016, the 60th anniversary of the creation of the Replica Rolex Day-Date watches, this watch is often called the "President's Watch". In March of this year, Rolex presented us with a commemorative green dial for the 60th anniversary of the date, and we took the opportunity to A) show you this delicate watch and B) tell you all about the history of the dated. The day and the day that were introduced in 1956 were made only by precious metals (with few exceptions) and it quickly became a microcosm of luxury watches for successful people. Throughout this year, the Rolex Day and Day exhibition has traveled all over the world and now arrives in my hometown of The Hague, The Netherlands. Let's take a look at an extraordinary travel show, which is now on display at our local Replica Rolex Day-Date watches dealer Den Haag's Schaap & Citroen.

We can now give you all the awesome technical details regarding the new Day-Date campaign. Of course, this is an internal movement, I think in this case, because we are talking about Rolex, everyone knows that they only use their own actions. However, we introduced the most important element of the new 3255 caliber in the new Day-Date 40 launched last year. This replica Rolex Day-Date 40 is the successor of Day-Date II, it takes the classic and classic style of Day-Date, but is larger and more suited to contemporary taste. So today, there is no technical history, but the things that Mr. Jackie Stewart told me earlier this year are irrelevant.

In the introduction, I mentioned that many people think that the date of replica Rolex is a luxury watch for successful people, based on the image created by the Geneva brand to help them create their own. The number of commercials made by brands in the 1960s shows that their most valuable watches are close to someone or some sort of impressive advertising, of course, this has not been ignored. In the above, you can see Sir Jackie on the cover of the magazine, next to the Rolex ad, next to the Rolex ad, which allows him to buy his first date Replica Rolex Day-Date watches. The legendary runner does not show timidly his respect and enthusiasm for the brand, he became an ambassador.

There are not so many icons in the world of the watch. We can consider some of them, much of which was created by the same brand, fake Rolex. Day-Date aka The President's watch celebrates its 60th anniversary The content of the exhibition they created is very rich and of great practical importance. The wonderful speech on this watch is very interesting because only real icons can to be explained.

If you want to read a typical technical monochrome style story about dates and dates, take a look at what our editor Bryce wrote about date-date 40.

Do not forget to visit Schaap & Citroën in The Hague and visit the exhibition and discuss the iconic date and date with their team. The exhibition is held today to Sunday, December 11th.more link